Residus Cirera Management is a family company with more than 55 years of experience in the environmental sector. They are located in LIiçà de Vall (Barcelona, Spain) and are specialists in new ways of waste management and environmental advice. Its mission is to provide society and its customers with innovative, efficient, safe and responsible solutions in waste management and environmental protection.

Residus Cicera Management is well-known with the products and services Groeneveld-BEKA has to offer. They have their own fleet of almost 40 trucks and heavy machinery and have also installed several automatic lubrication systems on collectors and heavy machinery.

In its desire to improve and create a safer environment for the company and its employees, they opted for the Greensight safety support system with the pedestrian detection camera. Victor Fernández, production responsible said:  “With this safety support system we want to increase the range of safety in our company and avoid accidents”.

The JCB telescopic wheel loader, which will be active in the recycling plant, has been equipped with 3 Greensight pedestrian detection cameras with view on the left and right side and behind the machine. The Greensight monitor in the cabin shows all three cameras in a single view and automatically switches to a full screen camera view with an audible warning system as soon as a person steps into the set signalling zone of one of the cameras.

The Pedestrian detection camera is specially developed to distinguish people from objects in real time. This helps drivers to be more alert of people around their machine.

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