• World of lubrication

World of lubrication

From reluctancy to exceeding expectations. Schenectady County testing the Groeneveld Twin

“The grease system is awesome”

Groeneveld-BEKA is proud to be partnering up with John Deere, United Construction & Forestry, a John Deere dealership with over 50 locations throughout the northeast of the United States, and the Schenectady County Conservation District located in Glenville, New York. The Schenectady County Conservation District provides a variety of services to the community including compost and resident recycling, which requires a machine that can handle the rigors of moving logs, limbs and brush into a Vermeer tub grinder on a daily basis to recycle into compost.

Generating more uptime and decreasing Total cost of Ownership -

AKIA installs Groeneveld-BEKA products on new metrobuses

High performance and reliability are two of the main values of AKIA, For a delivery of 60 new LF-25 metrobuses to one of the biggest cities in Turkey, AKIA installs Groeneveld-BEKA products to generate a higher uptime and decrease the Total cost of Ownership.

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Residus Cirera Management enhances the safety of its environment and people

In its desire to improve and create a safer environment for the company and its employees, they opted for the Greensight safety support system with the pedestrian detection camera. Victor Fernández, production responsible said:  “With this safety support system we want to increase the range of safety in our company and avoid accidents”.

Industrial applications

MultiLine AXL movie

Watch the new MultiLine AXL movie. Visit the product page for more information.

Advantages of automatic lubrication by Double D Gravel INC

“No new loader or excavator without having auto-lube installed”


At Double D Gravel they are not unfamiliar with auto-lube systems and the advantages of automatic lubrication.  They understand automating the lubrication process does not only save them downtime and costs, but also increases safety.  Groeneveld-BEKA worked with Double D Gravel on the installation of a Groeneveld Twin Auto-Lube System on their John Deere excavators. Jamie Dubbelde, owner and CEO of Double D Gravel Inc. reflects on the Twin auto-lube system and benefits of automatic lubrication. 

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How Groeneveld supports preventative maintenance in container handling automation

Preventative maintenance

All over the world, the challenges are the same. Ever expanding global goods flows drive the need for increased efficiency. Improved reliability, consistency, predictability and safety of operations, plus reduced environmental impact and a reduction of the costs per handled container, are also key factors. It’s a race without a finish, with continuity of the operation as the overriding theme.

Improve uptime

Wind turbine greasing

For a wind farm, only the best lubrication system is good enough. Zero-tolerance for errors as one lubrication related failure could put a wind turbine in safety mode. With all costly consequences. Especially in remote areas, a service call is inadmissible. Therefore, an automatic lubrication system has to check many boxes in order to be a perfect solution. The Twin heavy-duty system meets these extensive demands. Groeneveld offers the fully engineered Twin system in combination with all necessary components required for automatic greasing of a wind turbine. Read more.

A Powerful Force: Groeneveld-BEKA Brings Automatic Lubrication to Customers Around the World

Timken first entered the lubrication market in 2013 when it acquired Interlube. Four years later, the company significantly expanded its portfolio and global reach with the acquisition of Groeneveld and has now incorporated the Interlube brand into Groeneveld.

This fall, Timken announced a third lubrication acquisition: Germany-headquartered BEKA Lubrication. With the acquisition of BEKA Lubrication, Timken is now the second-largest player globally in the growing automatic lubrication market.

It’s an extraordinary marriage,” says Richard Butler, president of Groeneveld. “These two very strong, very proud companies are focused on different applications as their core activities, as well as different routes to market. As we bring the two together, we create a powerful force.

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Automatic lubrication for Hyster

OEM integration

World class equipment deserves world class lubrication. That is why Hyster offers the state-of-the-art Twin automatic lubrication system for their reach stackers, heavy forklifts and empty container handlers. Watch the movie to learn more about the close collaboration between the two companies.

Get in touch with Groeneveld for more information about out our OEM solutions.

For City of Wanneroo waste collecting trucks

Reduced Reversing Incidents On Waste Trucks

One of the tasks of a local government council in Australia is to collect rubbish. Since a rubbish truck has many blind spots and is deployed in small and crowded streets, accidents are likely to happen. That is why the initial supplier of garbage trucks advised the City of Wanneroo to equip their trucks with an obstacle detection system. Read more.

Dedicated to quality

Groeneveld Greasing for CablePrice

CablePrice, the New Zealand importer for Scania trucks and machinery of John Deere and Hitachi, often opts for Groeneveld’s autolube systems. With high-end automatic greasing systems for both trucks and earthmoving machinery, Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions New Zealand is a solid partner of CablePrice. Read more.

Groeneveld greasing for Komatsu

Close collaboration between the two companies

On their hydraulic excavator range, Komatsu offers the state-of-the-art Groeneveld Twin autolube system ex-factory. Watch the movie to learn more about the ex-factory installation on the Komatsu excavators. 

Get in touch with Groeneveld for more information about out our OEM solutions.

Protect your techs

For anyone who owns machinery, it’s a common sight to see technicians scrambling around up, over, under and on the equipment. Routine maintenance often involves climbing up on machine decks, scaffolding or ladders to reach service points located on booms, upper conveyors and transports high above the floor level. Awkward locations and slippery surfaces can make machine service a dangerous occupation.

The wide range of automatic lubrication solutions available today can eliminate many of the hazards that service staff will face on a daily basis. 

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Groeneveld Manufacturing Operations

Groeneveld products are made to last, and they do. All over the globe systems can be found that are in operation for decades. Watch below our Manufacturing movie to get an impression of our manufacturing operations in Italy. On our manufacturing page you will find extra information.

Installation movie MultiLine Fifth Wheel kit

For fifth wheels, Groeneveld supplies dedicates MultiLine Fifth Wheel Kits. Especially designed for fifth wheels and to install by your own technicians. This installation movie will be a great help during the installation. Visit the MultiLine AC page for more information.

Autolube for telescopic handlers

Automatic maintenance

Telescopic handlers are well-suited for automatic lubrication. Both technically and economically, automatic lubrication comes with significant advantages. With automatic lubrication all the greasing points are lubricated, also the difficult to reach and easily forgotten ones. Make use of the machine without having headaches about when to lubricate. Read more.

Automatic lubrication

Connexxion streamlines maintenance Solaris buses with Groeneveld

A traveler won’t notice much of the dynamic world behind her or his bus ride. Tight time schedules, overnight maintenance, daily checks and so on, make the punctual operation of a bus a challenging puzzle. With automatic maintenance systems Groeneveld delivers some essential pieces for that puzzle. Maik Blok, Workshop Manager at Connexxion Haarlem explains their choice for the Groeneveld systems on the 40 new Solaris buses. Read more.

Automatic lubrication for aluminium smelter

Automatic lubrication for aluminium smelter

Groeneveld is well known for their automatic lubrication systems for applications such as wheel loaders, excavators, trucks and trailers. Nevertheless, Groeneveld - part of Timken Company - provides an automatic greasing solution for almost every application. New Zealand Aluminium Smelters (NZAS) uses Groeneveld systems on mobile plant. “Since we started to use the Groeneveld systems, we’ve seen less downtime and a decrease in repair and maintenance,” thus the level-headed explanation of Jim Pickett, Industrial Automotive Engineer at NZAS.

Nkana Copper Concentrator Automatic Lubrication Solution

Mopani Copper Zambia

The Glencore Mining company operates a Copper Mine (Mopani Copper) in Kitwe, Zambia and utilise an 18x ball mill copper concentrator facility to process the copper ore into copper concentrate. Each mill carries a 60-ton charge of copper ore and water and rotates on large bearing housed units, equipped with Timken 239/900KYMB spherical bearings (900mm bore and 1180mm OD). Timken makes regular sales and service calls to this mine and supply a multitude of bearing products.

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