Wheel Flange Lubrication and Rail Head Maintenance Systems

  • The FluiLub system is developed for using thixotropic lubricating media with high solid contents. Achieving an ideal combination of adhesion and flowability in a spray lubricant for high-stress applications.

    As a pneumatic spraying system, FluiLub installations require no moving parts except the pump. This means; less wear, little maintenance requirements and therefore low life-cycle costs.

    The FluiLub pump is available in two versions:

    Flui I

    • adjustable delivery rate
    • steady mixing of the lubricant

    Flui II 

    • Internal pump, space-saving installation
  • Compressed air transports the lubricant along the interior tube walls to the lube point. The special mixing distributor divides the lubricant precisely to the different lube pints.

    Spray nozzles slightly moisten the wheel flange with a highly adhesive lubricating film, which is transferred to the following wheels by the contact with the rails and which cannot be thrown off even with very high speed. The whole process is controlled by an electronic control or the control unit of the vehicle.

    Innovative wheel flange lubricants with high solids content guarantee a reliable lubrication even with extreme temperature variations. This reduces noise and wear – proven by many applications.

    1. Compressed air supply
    2. Reservoir with dipstick and filling connections
    3. Pump
    4. Mainline for oil-air mixture
    5. Divider
    6. Spray nozzle

    The FluiLub lubricant pump

    • Extremely rugged pneumatic pump, complies to DIN EN 50 155 and DIN EN 61 373.
    • Level monitoring with dipstick, optional electronically.
    • Delivery rate in different sizes available.
    • Special paint possible.

    The FluiLub container sizes

    The available aluminium container sizes for Flui 1 and Flui 2 pump are: 4,5 ltr / 5,8 ltr / 8 ltr / 10 ltr / 13 ltr.

    The FluiLub mixing distributor

    The patented splitting insert of the FluiLub mixing distributor divides the lubricant. A porous insert collects the liquid particles, splits them up to tiny droplets and distributes them like a drizzle to the airstream.

    This principle guarantees a homogeneous mixing ratio even with several spray nozzles.

    The FluiLub spray nozzles

    The FluiLub spray nozzles guarantee the lubrication of the wheel flanges even with very high velocities, without polluting other components like the brakes. The design of the spray nozzles depends on the application.

    The FluiLub control unit

    The FluiLub system is controlled by an electronic control unit. The compact and rugged controller allows the optimum adaption of the wheel flange lubrication to the operating conditions.

    The optional curve sensor allows the curve-dependent control of the system.

    Types of Rail maintenance

    1. Rail Head Maintenance
    2. Wheel Flange Lubrication
  • Click here to go to the Groeneveld-BEKA Portal for extensive technical and commercial documentation.

Simple maintenance
Minimal wear and tear of lubricated components.
Low life-cycle costs

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