BEKA High pressure water spray system

  • Many problems with circular and pad saws in the wood processing industry can be prevented by spraying a fine water dust onto the saw blade. This water dust ensures a permanent cooling of the tool and effectively avoids adherent tree gum. In addition to this, the unhealthy wood dust is reliably reduced.

    The vaporizing of water on a hot saw blade guarantees an effective cooling of the tool. The water as cooling medium removes heat from the working location and hence enables higher speeds and protection of the tool at the same time. The tool life of the saw blades is enlarged, as well as the work precision profits by cooling.

    When spraying water with high pressure (up to 100 bar), microdots are produced. Those ensure a reliable wetting of the tools without soaking the machine and the area around. Friction is produced when sawing. When water is used as lubricating medium, friction between the tool and workpiece is reduced and hence also reduces wear, heating and energy

    • Increase of saw capacity due to higher speed
    • Longer tool life of saw blades
    • Reduces adherent tree gum at saw blades
    • Less effort for cleaning and sharpening
    • Low energy consumption
    • Better work condition in production area
    • Perfect for dust precipitation in storage and production halls

  • System overview

    The high pressure water spray system consists of a high pressure pump with an electric drive. This pump supplies water to spray nozzles via a distributing system.

    Water is being taken from a local water connection, filtered and then supplied to the pump. The filtering process is necessary to protect the nozzles from soiling. When spraying water with high pressure microdots are produced. With this procedure only a minimum quantity enters the production room.

    The system is controlled automatically. The system is activated as soon as a log passes a light barrier. Due to the fact that the logs do not follow one after another, a pulse control is active that only operates when a log passes the saw. 

    When the work is finished, the system is being drained automatically. The lines are blown through with compressed air for about 30 seconds. Hence the frost resistance of the system is ensured.


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Customized solution 

Wide viscosity range

Designed for 24/7 operation 

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