• The BEKA FL/MZ Series contains a range of gear pumps used to supply oil or oil-like lubricants that have sufficient lubrication characteristics. The complete series contains the FL-Series (flange pumps), the U-Series (foot pumps), and the MZ-Series (motor pumps).

    Flange pumps in the FL-Series are mainly meant for the direct drive of machines via a coupling, e.g. in tooling machines, compressors, or high-pressure pumps. The flange gear pumps are manufactured for clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, with different flow directions. A constant direction of delivery for both rotation directions is optionally possible.

    The flange pumps are also available as a foot pump, which basically only differs from the flange pumps by their mounting location.

    Motor pumps are available in horizontal and vertical directions. Pumps in a horizontal construction can be used universally. Next to the direct installation onto a reservoir, the pump can also be installed at a machine and suck the lubricant up to a suction height of 1 meter from an oil sump. Pumps in vertical directions are mainly used for space-saving installations in reservoirs.

    Pumps in the FL/MZ Series are available as an external gear pump as well as an internal gear pump. Internal gear pumps are able to handle higher operating pressures up to 100 bar and have a lower sound pressure level compared to the external gear pumps which already have a low noise level.

  • Working principle

    The basic elements of a gear pump are the gears, of which one is driven. The gears are exactly installed in the pump housing and cover on ground surfaces. A radial shaft seal, which is relieved from pressure towards the suction side, is used as seal at the shaft. Bearing and shaft seal of the device are lubricated by the lubricant. Additional equipment with pressure limiting valve is possible.

    10123461 rendering flange pump open.png

    External gear pumps
    The external gear pump consists of two intermeshed gears. One of the two gears is driven by a shaft. The second gear wheel (idler gear) is pulled along via the toothing. When the wheels engage, the tooth gap is closed by the opposite tooth. Negative pressure occurs when a tooth emerges from the gap. This free space sucks in oil.

    With further rotary movement, the liquid is transported via the tooth gaps to the pressure side.

    10145708 rendering internal gear pump glass.png

    Internal gear pumps

    Internal gear pumps have two gear wheels, of which the outer (ring gear) is internally toothed. The sprocket running inside is smaller. The fluid is conveyed in the spaces between the tooth gaps of the two gear wheels.

    Internal gear pumps have incredibly low flow pulsation due to a large meshing length and backlash-free running of the gearing and therefore operate quietly.

    The lubricant is sucked in from the suction side and is delivered between the housing and the gears to the pressure connection. The lubricant transport is done by moving the lubricant into the tooth gap alongside the gear chamber wall by which an even lubricant supply is guaranteed.

    System overview

    Pressure limiting valve

    Gear pumps are available with or without a pressure limiting valve. Pressure limiting valves are available for line installation as well as installation directly in the gear pump with internal return of lubricant.

    Drive and delivery direction
    The flange gear pumps are manufactured for clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, with different flow direction. A constant direction of delivery for both rotation directions is optional possible.

    Explosion protection

    All gear pumps are also available with explosion protection when intended for use in explosive atmospheres.

    BEKA FL/MZ Series

  • Click here to go to the Groeneveld-BEKA Portal for extensive technical and commercial documentation.

  • Click here to go to the Groeneveld-BEKA Portal for extensive technical and commercial documentation.

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