“No new loader or excavator without having auto-lube installed”


At Double D Gravel they are not unfamiliar with auto-lube systems and the advantages of automatic lubrication.  They understand automating the lubrication process does not only save them downtime and costs, but also increases safety.  Groeneveld-BEKA worked with Double D Gravel on the installation of a Groeneveld Twin Auto-Lube System on their John Deere excavators.  Jamie Dubbelde, owner and CEO of Double D Gravel Inc. reflects on the Twin auto-lube system and benefits of automatic lubrication. 

Safety and maintenance are a high priority to us at Double D Gravel and we feel they work hand in hand.  We currently have six auto-lube systems installed on new and used excavators and loaders.  I feel that having the auto-lube system saves downtime and repair costs in addition saving time not having to grease our equipment daily. 

Downside of manual greasing

When a machine is greased manually, it will typically only be done once a day.  This causes the machine to be over greased, resulting in it being pushed out of the area, making a mess and wasting grease.  When the grease is worked out, it makes the pins dry out and allows dirt and contaminates to get in, therefore accelerating wear.  Also, when a machine is manually greased it is not in motion.  This only allows grease to push the path of least resistance, possibly leaving the pins and bushings to not get lubricated all the way around.  This results in them likely being under-greased within a few hours of operating.  

When manually greasing several pins, it is required for the operator to climb into different areas of the machine, which becomes a safety concern in the best of conditions and more hazardous during wet or freezing weather.  

Benefits of Twin Auto-Lube on new and used equipment

Using the Groeneveld twin auto-lube system, the machine is getting greased the correct amount to each pin – as set – several times a day while the machine is in use, ensuring it is getting all the way around the pin.  This also makes for more efficiency in the workday, as it eliminates the need to climb on each machine to manually grease.

We feel that installing the auto-lube system when the machine is new will double the length of time between needing to rebuild pin and bushing areas.  Installing it on our used machines will slow down the wear that has already occurred. 

I will not purchase a new loader or excavator without having auto-lube installed prior to delivery.  We are also planning to install the Twin auto-Lube system on several of our current used equipment.  

About Double D Gravel INC

Double D Gravel Inc., is a gravel, rock and excavating contractor located in Pipestone Minnesota.  In their 35 years as a small family-owned business, they grew from 5 pieces of equipment in 1986 to now operating more than 20 trucks and trailers, 16 pickups and 40 pieces of equipment compromising of loaders, skid loaders, excavators, dozers, screening plants concrete crusher, and miscellaneous small engines in 2021.

Double D Gravel INC. is specialized in being diverse, ready for whatever their customers challenge them to complete.  More specifically processing and crushing concrete, trucking, private and public sewers and water installation and repairs, road building, demolition of trees and buildings, long reach excavator work and gravel pit mining.

Advantages of automatic lubrication by Double D Gravel INC

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