Twin quick tip movies

Below you will find instruction movies for the most common service tasks to perform on the Twin automatic lubrication system.


Twin - Changing the filter and filling the pump

With the follower plate, it is easy to fill the Twin with GreenLube grease: simply connect the feedline of the GreenLube filling station to the filler coupling of the Twin and start pumping. On this webpage you will find more information about our GreenLube grease. 


Twin - Troubleshooting error codes

 This quick tip video covers the most common error codes and explains how to easily solve the problems.


Twin - Pressure testing the system

This video covers ways to properly pressure test the Groeneveld Twin and steps to take if there are fault codes on your display.


Twin - Bleeding the system

To remove eventual air bubbles in the system you need to bleed the system. This movie explains how to bleed the Twin system. 


Twin - Changing injectors and o rings

Some lubrication points need more or less grease: In this video you will learn how to change the metering unit in order to fine-tune grease output per lubrication point.

Call the specialists

Although, these services can be performed by your own technicians, we understand that you may need some help from us.  Please find your nearest Groeneveld location on this webpage. 

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