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Groeneveld-BEKA supplies reliable quality products to support you in automatic maintenance and safety. Our systems are designed to increase the performance of machinery, while helping to maintain them over the long term. Groeneveld-BEKA products include automatic lubrication, fluid control and safety support systems, including accessories and lubricants.

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Customers about Groeneveld-BEKA

  • John Deere - Twin

    “The grease system is awesome” From reluctancy to exceeding expectations. - Recently, the Schenectady County Conservation District from United Construction & Forestry in Clifton Park (NY) bought a new John Deere 644P wheel loader. United Construction & Forestry asked the Groeneveld-BEKA team to provide a “plug & play” automatic greasing system that could be utilized on John Deere utility class wheel loaders which can be easily installed in under eight hours by a John Deere dealer or third party.

  • Greensight - Residus Cirera Management

    Residus Cicera Management is well-known with the products and services Groeneveld-BEKA has to offer. They have their own fleet of almost 40 trucks and heavy machinery and have also installed several automatic lubrication systems on collectors and heavy machinery. In its desire to improve and create a safer environment for the company and its employees, they opted for the Greensight safety support system with the pedestrian detection camera. Victor Fernández, production responsible said: “With this safety support system we want to increase the range of safety in our company and avoid accidents”.

  • AKIA installs Groeneveld-BEKA products on new metrobuses.

    High performance and reliability are two of the main values of AKIA, a Turkish bus manufacturer who designs and develops their own models. For a delivery of 60 new LF-25 metrobuses to one of the biggest cities in Turkey, AKIA installs Groeneveld-BEKA products to generate a higher uptime and decrease the Total cost of Ownership.

  • Connexxion streamlines maintenance Solaris buses with Groeneveld

    Since December 2017, Connexxion is responsible for the public transport on the concession Amstelland - Meerlanden (AML). Connexxion chose the ex-factory installation of Groeneveld’s SingleLine lubrication and Oilmaster oil management system. “Operational reliability, quick delivery and the need to minimalize the possibility of maintenance mistakes are the three most important reasons for choosing the Groeneveld systems,” thus Maik Blok, Workshop Manager at Connexxion in Haarlem.

  • What is lubrication?

    The application of a film of grease between moving parts in a machine or vehicle. The film of grease prevents any metallic contact between moving parts, like pins and bushings, bearings and steering knuckles. It also stops dirt, water and dust entering the lubrication point and prevents corrosion. Inadequate lubrication causes wear and tear, machine and vehicle failure and increases costs.

  • What is grease?

    Grease is a thickened oil and always consists of two different components: oil and a thickener. The oil is the actual lubricant, while the thickener ensures that the oil remains in place.

  • What does automatic lubrication involve?

    Automatic lubrication involves pumping the grease from the reservoir of the lubrication system to the lubrication points. The quantity of grease per lubrication point and the interval can both be set in advance.

  • Which types of automatic lubrication systems are there?

    Progressive systems. All lubrication points are consecutively lubricated with the predetermined amount of grease. Parallel systems. All lubrication points are administered the predetermined amount of grease at the same time.

  • For which situations is an automatic lubrication system suitable?

    For all situations in which moving parts need to be separated from each other by means of a film of grease. Groeneveld lubrication systems are most frequently used for wheel loaders, excavators, trucks, trailers, buses, port equipment, mining machines, forestry equipment and agricultural equipment.

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