How Groeneveld supports preventative maintenance in container handling automation

All over the world, the challenges are the same. Ever expanding global goods flows drive the need for increased efficiency. Improved reliability, consistency, predictability and safety of operations, plus reduced environmental impact and a reduction of the costs per handled container, are also key factors. It’s a race without a finish, with continuity of the operation as the overriding theme.

In the PEMA Information Paper the rising of container terminal automation was described, from the first significant automation with unmanned container handling machines in Rotterdam in 1993 to about 35 automated terminals all over the world mid-2016. This automation requires a focus upon preventative maintenance to ensure that equipment is reliably available.

With the correct preventative maintenance in place, automated terminals today are achieving superior on-demand equipment availability. Groeneveld plays a significant role in the process of preventative automatic maintenance. In the past years Groeneveld’s Port Equipment business grew since the business focus was further enhanced in 2012.

There are many greasing points to be found on a spreader, especially on the twist locks.

Part of preventative maintenance with automatic lubrication and safety support systems

Particularly in container terminal automation, preventative maintenance is of high importance to achieve superior on-demand equipment availability. Automated terminals require a shift in focus for maintenance.

Optimal lubrication is of the greatest importance to prevent excessive wear of pins and bushings and to keep dirt, dust and water out. It is hard to imagine container handling equipment without automatic lubrication systems to prevent breakdown.

Moreover, for safety of operations there is a clear trend to perform as little maintenance work on site as possible. For that reason, Groeneveld’s automatic lubrication, oil management and safety support systems are used more and more on spreaders, reach stackers, empty container handlers, cranes, automated guided vehicles and terminal tractors.

The likely improvement in safety would reduce staff injuries and equipment damage costs over the lifetime of equipment, and improve the reputation of the container terminal industry and equipment manufacturers in general through an increased focus on safety.

Throughout the almost 50-year history, Groeneveld has taken pride in their ability to enhance equipment availability en safety and reducing maintenance and downtime.


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