Generating more uptime and decreasing Total cost of Ownership - 
"AKIA installs Groeneveld-BEKA products on new metrobuses"


High performance and reliability are two of the main values of AKIA, a Turkish bus manufacturer who designs and develops their own models. For a delivery of 60 new LF-25 metrobuses to one of the biggest cities in Turkey, AKIA installs Groeneveld-BEKA products to generate a higher uptime and decrease the Total cost of Ownership.

AKIA has decided to install the Groeneveld TriPlus automatic lubrication system as well as the Groeneveld Oilmaster on all 60 busses. With the advantages of both systems AKIA is convinced that a higher uptime and performance is generated and the total cost of ownership is reduced. Especially when looking at the total period of usage, which is foreseen for 10 up to 15 years.

The LF-25 is a 25 meter long double articulated metrobus and therefor the bus has different lubrication needs. With the Groeneveld TriPlus this can easily be covered due to its three independently operating lubrication circuits. Lubrication of the articulating system amongst others, is a time-consuming task as the inspection hatches at the turntables must be opened in order to reach the lubrication points. With the TriPlus automatic lubrication system in place and taking care of the lubrication, time and money is saved. The ability to automatically lubricate different parts with different amounts of grease and different intervals is one of the great advantages of the Groeneveld TriPlus.

With the Groeneveld Oilmaster, the oil management system from Groeneveld-BEKA, the level and the quality of the engine oil will be kept at their optimum. Automatically checking and topping up the engine oil saves many man-hours by eliminating the need to manually check the oil level on a daily basis and then top up as required. Another advantage for AKIA is that the Oilmaster can be installed without the need for external sensors on these engines.

Both AKIA and the end-user were already known with the benefits these Groeneveld products provide in generating more uptime and decreasing the TCO. Combined with the quality Groeneveld-BEKA is known for and the support from our local agent in Turkey, it was an easy decision to go for Groeneveld-BEKA.


About AKIA
AKIA Turkey is one of the manufacturers that has become a preferred bus supplier in Turkey and other European regions in a very short time. AKIA attracted a lot of attention in Turkey and Europe with its breakthroughs in recent years.

AKIA, whose brand awareness is increasing day by day, in Turkey and abroad, exports its products to 10 different countries in Europe and Asia in addition to the Turkish market, primarily Serbia, Romania Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan.

AKIA is aiming to offer modern products and services to public transportation in line with its vision of “being the most valuable and most preferred industrial company in Turkey”, closely follows the technological developments in its sector and carries out its production with the latest technologies in the urban, personnel and student transportation sectors.


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