Always the optimum oil level

  • The Oilmaster ensures that oil in the engine is always at the optimal level: Groeneveld's oil management system is applied in many sectors, on many types of equipment around the world.  Bus manufacturers and operators enjoy the benefits of this product because it contributes significantly to higher efficiency and lower costs. During earthmoving, port and terminal operations, Oilmaster reduces daily maintenance and minimizes the risk of unexpected downtime.

    Always the right level of oil

    Oilmaster ensures that there's a continuous, correct amount of oil in engines, without having to manually check the oil level. This product increases operational reliability and reduces the risk of damage to engines. In addition, the system prevents overfilling that could damage the 'exhaust gas' after treatment system.  

    See the difference

  • Reliable operation

    The oil level in the engine is measured with a sensor. If the oil level drops below a set value, the Oilmaster will automatically fill the engine with half a liter of oil. Information about the amount of oil added is stored in the internal memory and can be used to perform preventive maintenance.

    System overview

    The Oilmaster oil management system consists of the following components:

    1. Oil reservoir
    2. Pump unit
    3. Control light
    4. Sump plug
    5. Oil level sensor
  • Click here to go to the Groeneveld-BEKA Portal for extensive technical and commercial documentation.

  • Click here to go to the Groeneveld-BEKA Portal for extensive technical and commercial documentation.

Manual oil level checks and filling oil are history - pure time saving.

Always the optimum oil level and the right oil specification.

No engine damage as a result of a too low oil level.

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