Compact cartridge pump

  • The electric cartridge pump ZEPTO is designed to provide lubricant within a central lubrication system (for example, a progressive system) or to single lubrication points. ZEPTO can be used for lubrication of smaller machines and systems with up to 30 lubrication points.

    With the intelligent pump control, it not only notifies you of a minimum fill level of the cartridge, you can also set whether it will appear sooner or later. The refilling process self is easier and cleaner than ever.

    Enjoy the tool-free and easy adjustability of the pump control to lubricate precisely without wasting money and time. With the green / red display, a quick glance at the pump is enough and you know that your machine is well maintained.



  • The compact eccentric pump supplies the lubricant reliably with the help of desmodromic pump element.

    Power supply

    An innovative and patented revolution control ensures constant delivery rates irrespective of the supply voltage. 12 V DC and 24 V DC with the same pump.

    Operation Modes

    The pump can be operated in different modes:

    • direct operation for external control
    • time-dependent lubrication duration
    • time-dependent lubrication duration with system pressure monitoring
    • pulse-dependent lubrication duration

    Different Cartridges

    ZEPTO can be used with following standard cartridge types: S (®Lube-Shuttle), F (SYSTEM REINER) or L (Ritter grease cartridge 400 ml) with corresponding adapter.

    Due to simple cartridge replacement the lubricant can be refilled easier and cleaner than ever.

    Low level warning

    The pump control issues a warning signal via a red LED and via the power supply cable when the cartridge almost empty. To reset the warning signal after cartridge change, please press the intermediate lubrication button for a few seconds.

  • Click here to go to the Groeneveld-BEKA Portal for extensive technical and commercial documentation.

Easy handling

Rugged and compact

For different cartridge types

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