Compact lubrication pump

  • The PICO system combines power and flexibility in perfect conditions with a compact design.

    The PICO pump is the worldwide unique combination of progressive- and multi line technology. The basic version contains the PICO pump with a progressive distributor that supplies lubricant to the lube points. In addition to this up to 8 lube points can be supplied directly. If necessary the system can be enlarged by a second progressive cycle.

    The PICO system is designed modular and suitable for all common vehicles and trailers.

  • PICO is the innovative central lubrication system for compact vehicles and machines.

    Multiline & Progressive

    The PICO system is the ideal combination of functionality and flexibility with compact dimensions. The PICO system is the unique symbiosis of two lubrication systems: Multiline and progressive technology.

    The powerful PICO pump supplies up to 8 lube points directly. Without distributor! To feed more lube points, the system can be extended with a progressive distributor. Even a second progressive circle is possible.

    PICO is a modular system which can be used for all common vehicles and machines. 

    Follower Plate or Paddle

    The Pico pump is available with a follower piston. In this version it can be installed in any mounting position or in rotating systems. The lubricant is always held together perfectly.

    Alternatively, the PICO pump is available with a paddle. This keeps the lubricant moving and presses it into the suction opening of the pump elements.

    Control units

    Groeneveld-BEKA offer four different control units, the PICO T2, PICO T1, PICOtronix1 and the PICOtronic:


  • Click here to go to the Groeneveld-BEKA Portal for extensive technical and commercial documentation.

Compact dimensions, ideal for restricted installation place.
Heavy duty components.
Suitable for all common lubricants (NLGI 000, 00, 0, 1, 2).

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