• The hydraulic HPH-2 is a robust single-shot pump.

    An ideal solution for hydraulic breakers, scrap shears, multi processors and concrete cutters.

    The design of the pump allows to deliver lubricants with high solid content like chisel paste (for hydraulic breakers) as well as normal NLGI-2 class grease (for the other above mentioned applications). The HPH-2 can deliver grease to a progressive distributor. 

  • The hydraulic grease pump HPH-2 is designed to deliver grease with solid content up to NLGI class 2. The different available cartridge adapters allow operation with most of the common cartridges which can be easily screwed into the pump housing the lubricant can be refilled quickly and tidily.

    The lubricant output quantity per stroke can be set between 0,1 cm³ and 1,0 cm³. The delivery pressure is directly related to the hydraulic pressure which actuates the pump. Pressure loss is 40 bar. The hydraulic operation pressure depents on the pressure spring combination:

    K1: 100 bar - 250 bar (hydraulic breakers)

    K2: 180 bar - 450 bar (srap shears, concrete cutters, etc.)

Easy to install and maintain.

Versatile solution for small hydraulic breakers.

Rugged and compact

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