Robust and compact central lubrication pump

  • The hydraulic HPG-2 is a robust and compact central lubrication pump with an integrated progressive distributor. This distributor can be used to supply directly to lubrication points or secondary progressive distributors.

    An ideal solution for numerous applications like disc harrows, ploughs, front equipment of telescopic loaders, mini excavators and hydraulic attachments.

  • The hydraulic grease pump HPG-2 is designed to deliver multi-purpose NLGI-2 grease. Thanks to the versatile cartridge adapter, multiple screw type cartridges can be used and the lubricant can be refilled quickly and tidily.

    Next to the integrated distribution block, the HPG-2 can be combined with additional progressive distributors.

    The lubricant output quantity per stroke is always 270 mm³. The output quantity can be reduced by the configuration of the integrated distributor with elements returning the grease to the cartridge.

    Pressure loss is 35 bar. The hydraulic operation pressure should be between 70 and 400 bar.

  • Click here to go to the Groeneveld-BEKA Portal for extensive technical and commercial documentation.

Integrated distributor

Suitable for different cartridge types.

Rugged and compact design.

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