Groeneveld-BEKA GP

Modular and flexible, suitable for every need

  • Decades of experience has resulted in the development of this brand-new automatic lubrication concept. Designed for progressive systems, this Groeneveld-BEKA GP pump will provide every single lubrication point with the right amount of grease.

    The GP series is designed for progressive lubrication on mobile applications like tippers, mobile cranes, garbage trucks, compact construction equipment, agricultural machines, telehandlers and reach stackers. The pump is easy to adjust and adaptable to the lubrication needs of the machine.

    The GP pump consists out of three elements: the top, central and lower modules. Experienced engineers will design the perfect system for your application. This ensures that the application will be greased by a well aligned system.

    The automatic lubrication system reinvented

    When buying an automatic lubrication system, machine and vehicle uptime are important to you.

    To even improve the positive impact of an automatic greasing system on your daily operation, we have made maintenance of this new system easier. The components are fully interchangeable. Replacing a reservoir or even the control unit will be a walk in the park.

    And most importantly, it will limit the maintenance time to an absolute minimum so that your machines and vehicle can continue to operate.

  • Modular system

    The GP series consists of 3 interchangeable modules, a top, central and a lower module. All modules are easy to maintain, replace or upgrade.

    1. Top module: the reservoir

    The GP series is available with three different kind of reservoirs and different volumes. All reservoirs are interchangeable and can easily be placed on the central module. Scroll down to learn more about the different reservoir types available.

    2. Central module: the drive unit

    The GP series comes with two different drive units, a 12V and a 24V version.

    3. Grease outlets

    The GP series has a maximum of three grease outlets with each a separate piston with direct delivery to the main line. Two outlets are plugged as a standard.

    The standard piston has an output of 2.5 cc/min. Optionally a larger piston with an adjustable output from 2 up to 4 cc/min can be installed. The pistons are easily exchangeable.

    The option for three different outlets makes it easier to lubricate different greasing points on complex machinery.

    4. Lower module

    The lower module is available in two options, the GPA and the GPA+. The GPA is delivered without a control unit as a standard.

    The co-molded gasket and self-holding screws in the bottom cover make the GP series easy to assemble and service without the risk of parts getting lost.


    Reservoir types

    There are three different interchangeable reservoir types available. Experienced Groeneveld-BEKA engineers will design the perfect system for you, with the right type of reservoir. In case of changed lubrication needs another reservoir can be easily installed.

    Paddle reservoir


    The paddle reservoir is installed on the GP series as a standard and is equipped with a paddle blade. The rotation of the paddle blade minimizes air pockets and grease separation in the reservoir and dispenses the grease to the pistons.

    The paddle reservoir is available in 2.5, 5 and 8 liters.

    Follower plate reservoir


    When in need of a reservoir with a follower plate, the standard paddle blade reservoir can be replaced. The follower plate reservoir makes it possible to use the GP series on both static and rotating applications.

    The follower plate helps compress the grease as it is used to prevent air pockets forming, ageing of the grease as well as oxidation from air or water. This also makes the follower plate reservoir suitable to use with biodegradable greases.

    Another advantage of the follower plate is that all the grease in the reservoir is used and the reservoir wall remains clean, allowing you to check the grease level visually.

    The follower plate reservoir is available in 3, 5 and 8 liters.

    Cartridge reservoir


    The cartridge version reservoir is equipped with a unique 3-liter grease cartridge. This capacity meets the lubrication needs and service intervals of most modern compact to mid-size machines.

    The grease cartridge makes exchanging of the grease cartridge easy and ensures that the correct grease is used. Since the grease is in a cartridge it is protected from ageing as well as oxidation from air or water, which also makes this system extremely suitable to use with biodegradable greases.

    The cartridge is delivered with NLGI-2 grease as a standard, but can be filled with other greases on request.

  • Click here to go to the Groeneveld-BEKA Portal for extensive technical and commercial documentation.

Interchangeable components make it easy to service and adjust

According to the highest quality standards

Suitable for greases up to NLGI-2, including biodegradable greases

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