Universal heavy duty lubrication system

  • The BEKA FKGGM-EPR lubrication system is able to deliver commercial lubricants from up to NLGI-2 at a working pressure of maximum 350 bar. Due to its large reservoir capacity, with follower plate the FKGGM is mainly used in wind turbines, radar systems and other rotating applications.

    The spring loaded follower plate holds the lubricant firmly in place even under difficult environmental conditions.

  • The pump supplies grease via a main line to the distributors that forward the quantity to the individual bearing points. Due to the modular distributor design of single or progressive distributors, each friction point is supplied with the perfect lubricant quantity.

    System overview

    • Suitable for Progressive systems (distributor can be attached directly to the pump).
    • Suitable for Single line systems.

    Follower plate

    Due to the follower plate the FKGGM-EPR is mainly used in rotating applications like wind turbines, radar systems, etc. The spring loaded follower plate holds the lubricant firmly in place even under difficult environmental conditions.

    Reservoir capacity

    The transparent pump reservoirs have following capacities: 4 l / 8 l / 12 l / 20 l

    The aluminium pump reservoirs have following capacities: 15 l

    Pump elements

    Three pump elements with different flow rates are available, as well as a flow-adjustable pump element.

    All pump elements are marked either with a groove or with a notch for a better differentiation.


    The pump rotates 15 times per minute and the paddle.

    The optional electronic control of the central lubrication pump is adapted to the operating conditions of the machine and activates the pump in defined intervals to ensure the correct amount of lubrication.

    Power supply

    The pump input voltage can be 12 V DC, 24 V DC or 100-230 V AC.

    Solenoid valve

    The pump can optionally be equipped with a solenoid valve, which enables operation in single-line systems. When the set pressure is reached, the valve opens and the lubricant flows back into the pump chamber.

  • Click here to go to the Groeneveld-BEKA Portal for extensive technical and commercial documentation.

Up to three lubrication circuits that can be operated independently.

Grease system for rotating applications

Powerful output

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