BEKA Stream

Electric barrel / container pump

  • The powerful BEKA Stream pump is designed to provide lubricant up to NLGI-2 to a central lubrication system.

    The pumps are perfect as progressive, single-line or dual-line pumps in industrial machines as well as in medium-sized and large construction machines.

    With an optional brushless electric or hydraulic drive, the Stream also pumps lubricants, even at extremely cold temperatures.

    The use of wear-resistant materials makes the seals uniquely resistant like no other on the market. This pump is not only the perfect partner in the mining sector, where tough and rough operating conditions prevail. Even when operating with lubricants containing solids, the maintenance effort remains low and simple thanks to the user-oriented design.

    The Stream can be ordered together with a container or barrel. Here, optional fill level monitors ensure that refilling with lubricant can be perfectly planned.

  • Drive versions

    • BEKA Stream is driven by a brushless DC motor.
    • BEKA Stream H is driven by a hydraulic motor.


    Drive and pumping unit are designed to provide lubricant in a highly efficient way. Both with a maintenance-free gearbox.


    During the relief sequence (or in case the pressure safety valve opens) the lubricant returns into the container via an integrated return connection. Therefore, grease stays in system only for a short time before being sucked again. The return connection can also be used for refilling the container


    Various accessories like barrel cover, follower plate, or containeraravailablfoBEKStreaEThis pump can be used as a barrel and container pump.


    The barrel pump and the container pump.


    There are many details that make the use of the BEKA stream pump powerful.

    • An intelligent follower piston contour in the container ensures that no air is sucked in.
    • The optional fill level monitoring system gives the reliable signal when the pump reservoir needs to be refilled.
    • compact and powerful design - even for low temperatures.
  • Click here to go to the Groeneveld-BEKA Portal for extensive technical and commercial documentation.

High output rate

Tough construction

Easy maintenance

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