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Groeneveld-BEKA products are made to last, and they do. All over the globe systems can be found that HAVE BEEN in operation for decades. Read below FOR all you need to know about our manufacturing processes. 

In-house manufacturing and development 

Groeneveld-BEKA assembles all of its products in its manufacturing facilities and has development centres in the Netherlands, Israel (for safety products) and Italy.  Machining operations are outsourced, while components and other production materials are purchased from specialized suppliers that comply with Groeneveld quality requirements.

Committed to World Class Manufacturing

Groeneveld-BEKA incorporates lean manufacturing and lean development principles in manufacturing facilities.

Proven track record

Since Groeneveld Manufacturing Operations started in 1986, operations gained a proven track record.  During the last twelve years, the factory produced more than 450,000 Twin, SingleLine and Speedlimiter systems. In the same period, about 45,000 CompAlube and 62,000 Oilmaster systems were produced.  Groeneveld currently offers a comprehensive range of automatic lubrication, safety support and oil management systems, all developed and manufactured in house.

Main operations

Manufacturing operations can be found all over the globe. The main factory is located in Cassago Brianza, Italy while a factory in Valmadrera, Italy, functions as it's supplier.  The plant in Plymouth, UK focusses on inter alia the production of the MultiLine automatic lubrication systems.  USA based manufacturing operations focus on the production of the same product line, dedicated for North-American customers.  The four plants are supported by inbound and outbound logistics and quality control.

Facts & figures Groeneveld Manufacturing Operations

IATF 16949 certified
First Tier OEM Supplier
120 Employees
19.000 m2

Manufacturing movie

Learn more about our manufacturing operations in this movie.


Continuous investments in R&D

Each year, Groeneveld invests more than 5% of its turnover in the development of new and existing products.  As a result, Groeneveld has been able to supply leading products that perfectly meet the requirements of its customers for more than 47 years.

IATF and ISO Certifications

IATF is the highest quality standard in the demanding automotive industry and goes well beyond the well-known ISO 9001 standard.  Like ISO 9001, which Groeneveld satisfies since the early 90s, ISO/TS is geared towards process quality.  Nonetheless, IATF 16949 sets out in more emphatic terms the requirements for the quality management system regarding the design and development, production and installation of automotive-related products. The latest and most stringent automotive quality standard places a far greater degree of emphasis on aspects such as continuous improvement and preventing mistakes and waste: these are processes a facility can control, especially on the shop floor.  This new standard is much more closely involved at the level of production staff and is more in tune with tools such as Six Sigma and Kaizen.

To keep the impact of our operational processes on the environment as small as possible, Groeneveld is also ISO 14001 certified.


Groeneveld Cassago, Italy


Kit assembly

Subkit assembly

  • Distribution blocks, Metering units, Line assemblies

Electronics assembly

Groeneveld Valmadrera, Italy



  • High pressure hoses
  • Metering units
  • PA hoses
  • Progressive blocks
  • Small components

Groeneveld Gorinchem, the Netherlands


Research & Development

  • Software
  • Testing
  • Electronics assembly

Groeneveld Plymouth, United Kingdom


Kit assembly

Groeneveld Dayton, United States


Kit assembly


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